The plaster cast of baby & baby bump

"Einzigartige Erinnerungen fĂĽrs Leben - in Erfurt, ThĂĽringen"

Es ist spannend zu beobachten, wie sich der Körper einer Frau in der Schwangerschaft verändert. Die schönen Gipsabdrücke vom Babybauch können als Erinnerung an die Schwangerschaft und die Zeit mit dem Baby genutzt werden. Ich, Julia Schulze, bin eine der ersten Künstlerinnen, die sich in Deutschland auf Gipsabdrücke von Babys Händchen & Füßchen in 3D, als auch Babybäuchen spezialisiert haben. Alle Gipsabdrücke werden in meinem Atelier in Erfurt, Thüringen hochwertig veredelt und jeder Einzelne individuell nach Wunsch bemalt und gestaltet.

Hey, I'm Julia and I'm an artist for plaster casts of babies and baby bumps

I founded the Atelier & Manufaktur Body-pArts in 2007. My talent / specialization lies in making emotions of special moments in life tangible and tastefully decorating them . I will give you plaster casts of the baby bump and 3D baby casts in high-end quality that will touch your heart. Promised!

That's me!

Gipsabdruck: Eine besondere Art, den Babybauch fĂĽr immer plastisch und geschmackvoll festzuhalten

In meinem Atelier & Manufaktur Body-pArts ermögliche ich es Ihnen, die kostbaren ersten 3D-Abdrücke von Hand und Fuß von Ihrem Baby für immer festzuhalten. Mit den von mir gefertigten hochwertigen Gipsabdrücken von Ihrem Babybauch, den winzigen Händchen und Füßchen Abdrücken, sowie 3D-Babyabdrücken von älteren Geschwisterkindern, können Sie sich immer an diese unvergesslichen Momente zurückerinnern. Grad im ersten Lebensjahr wachsen die Kleinen besonders schnell. Eben waren sie noch ein Säugling, schon laufen sie auch schon. Mit dem Baby ab der 3. Lebenswoche, können Sie einen Termin in meinem Atelier vereinbaren und diesen Service meiner Dienstleistung für hochwertige Gipsabdrücke wahrnehmen.

3D Gipsabdruck von Baby Füßchen und Händchen

Bei mir bekommen Sie den perfekten Gipsabdruck Ihres Babys für immer als Erinnerung an die schönste Zeit Ihres Lebens. Ich biete Ihnen eine große Auswahl an verschiedenen Designs, sodass Sie Ihrem Baby ein unvergessliches und individuelles Geschenk machen können.

Atelier & Manufaktur Body-pArts - since 2007 creative with heart and empathy for you

Julia Schulze, Künstlerin und Inhaberin vom Atelier Body-pArts in Erfurt mit einem runden, designten Rahmen samt Baby 3D Abdrücken in den Händen.

My offer in the studio

- Molding, finishing & design of plaster casts of baby & baby bump
- Advice on the processing and finishing of (homemade) plaster casts
- Advice on painting & decorating abdominal casts
- 3D imprints // hand & foot // baby, child, parents or the whole family
- Workshops & intensive training

Your baby bump: individuality and emotions are made tangible

Benefit from the experience of the designer and entrepreneur Julia Schulze . This is me. The very first baby bump artwork comes as a belly cast
of my own bulging baby bump in 2006. I've been honing and improving the art ever since. The human being who caused my bulging ball and who started the new artistic direction of baby bump design is now a real teenager at the age of 12, and that's how my company developed. Once started as a single mom looking for a job, my life was to take a new turn. The creative potential that was dormant in me was fully awakened. It has always been important to me that what I do makes sense and feels fulfilling. I want to offer people added value, but in combination with uniqueness, personal and above all emotional background. In these fast-paced times, I want people in my studio to do that
Giving feelings of "ohhh & ahhh" moments . You are welcome to feel decelerated with me and to arrive and feel that something magical is at work here!

Plaster cast: The right material makes the difference

Would you like a plaster cast of your baby bump? At the end of your pregnancy, an abdominal impression can either be taken by me directly on site or by you at home. Of course, a plaster cast does not work without help. Dislocations are hardly possible during pregnancy. You also need the right materials for the abdominal cast , which you can buy in my shop in the best quality, lovingly put together. Plaster from the hardware store is not suitable for pregnancy and body casts. The common products from the hobby shops are often not fully developed and the quantities are much too small for an optimal abdominal impression. Commercially available plaster bandages for a plaster cast are coarse-meshed and too heavy. Depending on the size of the impression, you will need impression sets of different sizes. The deluxe version from my shop is ideal for
a perfect upper body plaster cast for the baby bump, shoulders and one hand. Everything important is included here - detailed instructions for the plaster cast, plenty of Vaseline as a base for the abdominal cast, sandpaper and my specially developed surface refinement . This is how your baby bump bust really succeeds, it becomes a uniquely beautiful one
Decorative object and a lasting work of art and reminder of your pregnancy.

Personal and individual advice for every abdominal impression

Anyone who, due to an advanced stage of pregnancy, does not feel capable of taking the plaster cast themselves should come to the artist directly. The abdominal impression session can be done with a
Short breaks in Erfurt or Weimar can be combined - the right one
Relaxation for your pregnancy. For a professional abdominal cast, including personal advice in a beautiful studio in Erfurt am Dom , please make an appointment by phone or via the contact form . The best time for a perfect abdominal impression is a period of 4-6 weeks before the expected date of birth . At this stage of pregnancy, pregnant women feel very comfortable. The baby bump is particularly nice and plump and very well suited for an abdominal impression. Once the downdrafts set in,
a baby bump loses its nice round shape. At the end of pregnancy, model sitting is no longer comfortable for the mother-to-be. After the plaster cast has been made (which takes about 1.5 hours), the mold has to dry for at least twelve hours before the finer points of further processing of the abdominal cast can be carried out, namely grinding, smoothing and shaping. A simple plaster cast develops into a work of art.

Miracle of nature: Pregnancy - love turns into new life

After the molding and hardening of the plaster cast, the work of art is far from finished. Each belly cast is elaborately decorated by me on request and painted with acrylic paints. Pure white and provided with a varnish, the belly cast looks like a porcelain sculpture as a baby bump bust. You can admire some examples of successful baby bump artworks in my gallery. The baby bump sculpture on a pedestal looks particularly elegant. With a
With the sturdy hanging device, the beautifully decorated pregnant belly can be attached to any room wall as a decorative impression of the abdomen. The work of art is done. The baby bump has reached its maximum size. The pregnancy is coming to an end. Now the child can come. Everything is lovingly prepared.

The next little tokens of love and souvenirs are already waiting to be produced:
3D hand and foot imprints of the new earthling. The little ones grow so incredibly fast. Every plaster cast is unique (like a baby bump) and a lasting, magical document of the miracle of life - right from the start.

Pregnancy is something very special for every woman

In the last few months of pregnancy, the round baby bump is proudly presented and a little melancholy arises because the baby bump will soon be gone.
A plaster cast is the solution! Of course, the joy of having the child outweighs it, but a reminder of the pregnancy in the form of a beautiful abdominal cast / plaster cast would be a great thing.

Every baby bump bears the predicate: Particularly valuable!
Every pregnancy is unique, every baby bump is unique. With
an artistic plaster cast of the spherical baby bump becomes the
pregnancy erected a small memorial. Such a plaster cast of the round baby bump is a great memory for mother, father and child. Such a plaster cast would be an extraordinary gift for grandparents or aunts. What will the grandchildren say later when they see the painted plaster cast or the pure white abdominal cast as a work of art
see:The baby bump in which a parent of theirs grew -
also called lucky ball. Life's recurring miracle in the form of pregnancy is a fascinating thing. Baby bumps and pregnancy have been around for as long as humankind has existed. However, baby bump casts are relatively new.

Baby 3D Abdruck von Hand FuĂź professionell machen von Julia Schulze Atelier Erfurt

3D Gipsabdruck von Babyhänden und Füßen – Eine tolle Idee für Eltern

Ich möchte Eltern dabei helfen, die schönsten Momente ihrer Schwangerschaft und des ersten Lebensjahres ihres Kindes für immer festzuhalten. Durch detailgenaue 3D-Abdrücke können sie diese unvergesslichen Augenblicke in einer Form bewahren, die sie immer wieder betrachten und mit Freude erfüllen wird. Durch 3D-Gipsabdrücke können sie die Entwicklung ihres Kindes in einer einzigartigen Art und Weise künstlerisch festhalten und von mir gestalten lassen. Gipsabdrücke sind mehr als nur Gips, sie sind aus Gips bewahrte Emotionen und Momente. Bewahrt für die Ewigkeit!

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Gipsabdruck Babybauch Mosaik Design Rosegold gestaltet von KĂĽnstlerin Julia Schulze Erfurt ThĂĽringen Atelier Body-pArts

Gipsabdruck - Galerie

Seit 2007 habe ich über 2000 Gipsabdrücke von Babybäuchen veredelt und individuell nach Kundenwunsch gestaltet. Ob selbstgemachte Gipsbdrücke oder von mir im Atelier abgeformt, beides ist möglich. Ich heiße Julia Schulze und mein Name steht für Qualität & Individualität!

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Review - September 2022

Dear Julia, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this beautiful impression of your abdomen. You more than exceeded my expectations and I'm so glad I kinda stumbled across your profile years ago. ❤️ You captured my pregnancy in such a perfect way for eternity and I am eternally grateful to you for that. I love the print and I love the design. You have implemented everything exactly as I wanted and now this noble masterpiece is being hung up in the children's room. You are such a lovely and personable person - that's getting to be these days
unfortunately less and less. Please keep that to yourself. ♡ Thank you from the bottom of my heart and who knows, maybe we'll see each other in a few years for cast number 2.

Lisa Nagel

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