4 days of intensive training

Intensive training 2.0 with Julia Schulze, 4 days I Start your business with plaster casts of babies and baby bumps

Do you feel that you urgently need a change in your job, do you have a creative disposition, a well-developed sense of proportion and aesthetics?
Perfect! And do you also love creating something with your hands that offers other people emotional added value?

Even better! Then invest in YOU and start your own business soon - become a professional cast designer! We'll show you how it's done!



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I have your START-UP idea here! Become a baby & baby bump plaster cast designer!

Hey, I'm Julia Schulze (36) and I'm offering you my know-how from 10 years of corporate experience in a creative niche industry. From 2013 - 2016 I have already trained about 100 women from all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Turkey in my special craft. Due to a realignment in my own company, I took a 2-year break from it in order to start with full power, optimized techniques, a larger studio and new team workers!

I will show you the advantages of this:

  • flexible working hours, according to time allocation
  • Self-realization of own ideas
  • Independence - you are your own boss!
  • Creativity = 100%
  • Working from home possible
  • Ideal for mums and dads as a second mainstay
  • happy customers - pregnant women, parents & babies
  • Harmonious exchange with colleagues (e.g. in FB groups)
  • Advertising opportunity on my own website - advantageous, as there is a high level of awareness (babybauch-abdruecke.de)
  • Products & materials can then be purchased at dealer conditions.

Daily routine of the 4-day intensive training in the Atelier & Manufaktur Body-pArts - at a glance:

  • Day 1 I 9 a.m. – approx. 6 p.m.: Round of introductions, knowledge of materials, analysis of the actual situation, molding of the baby bump (model will be organised), stabilization and surface smoothing of a plaster cast of the stomach and breast, detailed full cast / positive of a plaster cast is made
  • Day 2I 9 a.m. – approx. 6 p.m.: Further processing, smoothing, grinding of all plaster casts, coaching, molding & making baby 3D casts (models provided)
  • Day 3 I 9 a.m. – approx. 6 p.m.: Further smoothing, priming and start of design, discussion of materials and techniques, design finding of the works
  • 4th day I 9 a.m. to approx. 4 p.m .: Completion of all works, handover of certificates

Maximum number of participants: 3

Price // fee for 4 days: 1200.00 euros plus 19% VAT.


Is basic knowledge necessary?
Not necessarily, you will be taught everything you need to know.

What to bring:

  • 1 x self-moulded plaster cast of baby bump I belly & chest
  • Work clothes eg an apron, change of shoes
  • notepad, camera
  • You should be particularly resilient and fit during this period
  • we require independent work

What else does the 4-day intensive training course in our studio include:

  • Certificate – will be handed out after successful participation
  • Materials and models will be provided
  • All plaster casts / works created by the participant during the course can be taken away as exhibits.
  • How-To Album - Contains all the techniques learned in 4 days for future reference.
  • This should not go unmentioned: you will have a lot of fun! Since the courses always take place with several participants, there is often a lot to talk about. Friendships have often developed from this, even family members have found each other again after years of participating in the intensive training! Fate sometimes plans the craziest ways for us...
  • Get out of everyday life - lateral thinking is the order of the day!
  • You'll be totally inspired and KO'd yet deeply fulfilled if this is THAT what you want to do with all your heart!
  • Our studio is located right in the center of Erfurt - 5 minutes walk from the imposing cathedral, right on the Gera. During the breaks you can sit comfortably with coffee and cake by the river and enjoy the flair of the old town.
  • Snacks & coffee are included
  • Languages: German, English

Where I/we can support you:

During the 4 days in our Erfurt studio, we will analyze your actual situation and define your goals. We will reveal your potential bit by bit so that you can see your path a little more clearly. By nature, every human being has an individual life plan that wants to be lived. We can be your companion. The whole thing is often a lifelong process, as I have already seen in many of my participants over the past few years. Everyone is at a different point in life. Someone just wants to earn some family income on the side, others would like to do it more as a hobby and still others want to make a change in their life and start with full creative power in a self-determined manner. What do you want from it?

We will touch on these topics, among others:

  • Targeted coaching (approx. 2 hours / intensive coaching can be booked afterwards)
  • Advice on founding a company, start-up bonus, etc.
  • Advice for small businesses, main businesses – when does what make sense?
  • Advice on website & social media

Accommodation, playgrounds & shopping

  • The DachAtelier is about a 15-minute walk from Erfurt main station
  • It can be reached by tram line 3,4,6
  • TeilAuto - reachable in 2 minutes - for trips to Weimar, for example
  • Accommodations: e.g. "Altstadtpension, Domizil, B&B, Dorint Hotel..."
  • If you bring your family / children with you - playgrounds, Ega, zoo etc. are nearby and easily accessible
  • Shopping & Sightseeing: Only about 5 minutes away on foot - Krämerbrücke, Anger1, Goldhelm Schokoladen Manufaktur etc.
  • Going out for a good meal in the evening? Here you will find something for every taste on every corner!

And one last tip:

Does it feel right to you after you've read it all and slept on it? Great! Then select a period above and beech this place for you It is only binding for you after payment has been received and the order confirmation sent out. 

If you have any questions beforehand, call us Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. We look forward to you! Hello Julia

Excerpt from the Conditions of Participation

Your registration is considered accepted if we have not declared our refusal within 14 days. Registration can be canceled at any time, but no later than 10 days before the start of the seminar. We charge a processing fee of EUR 25 plus 19% VAT for cancellations. For seminars, workshops and basic training courses lasting at least 4 days, we charge 25% of the course fee. If the workshop has to be canceled or rebooked at short notice, read our beforehand Terms and Conditions . If the workshop has already been paid for in advance and has to be canceled at very short notice for health reasons, for example, it will be postponed to another date by arrangement, but will not be paid for.