Atelier - today

In summer / autumn 2019 I had to make an important decision for economic reasons. How is the store going after 3 years? The experience I was able to gain as a "boss" and entrepreneur in the plaster of paris branch was enormous. But mentally and physically I was just tired. On the one hand I loved this shop, which I created as beautifully as I could.. and I even more loved the effect it had on people. So many came from all over to stand inside, to feel, to be amazed... and I was amazed too. My vision was born and climbed. But I have always been more of a creative, empathetic free spirit than a tough businesswoman and controller, which I became more and more aware of during this time. Expenditure grew faster than income, and loans were taken out. The decision to part with this small empire was not easy for me, but rationally speaking, it was the most sensible thing to be able to pursue my passion in the future. I terminated the lease and laid off my employees and restructured. So it happened that at the end of 2019, shortly before the first lockdown, I brought my plaster cast studio in Erfurt back home to my old town apartment with my last strength and since then I have been working and working from here again. By the way, it was the best decision for me! I'm just a lot more of an artist & free spirit... than a boss! On the other hand, the children and cats really enjoy having me around more. :-)