Touch-up, repair & refinement of the self-made plaster cast of the baby bump

" I preserve special moments in life and make emotions tangible " 


"I'm often asked if it's possible to "save" and beautify a self-made plaster cast of the baby's belly. Definitely, YES! Of course it's possible. The only difference between the plaster casts is that since 2007 I've been almost immortalize plaster casts of the baby bump every day, I know exactly what I have to pay attention to so that the plaster cast is formed more cleanly than laypeople might do. The plaster cast is the blank. The skeleton, so to speak. The decisive factor for a beautiful result is always the basis, what you can build on. So if you pay attention right from the start to high-quality materials / plaster bandages and a good position for taking an impression of the baby bump (standing up), then the end result will be great. I often also get a lot of broken or badly unsuccessful plaster casts, which ones are more time-consuming for us in the revision.My goal is always to get the best out of what I receive as a template!And that's what I do Very conscientious, with a lot of perseverance and attention to detail. You can convince yourself with a look at the " References ". Julia Schulz

Baby bump plaster cast painting smoothing design professionally made

How long does the restoration take and how much does it cost?

For the processing and finishing of the self-made plaster cast of the baby bump we need currently about 9 months . This always depends on the current order situation and your individual design requirements. Since everything is handmade and this is a rather slow and time-consuming process, I can offer a high quality.

The first expense for you would be the fee that I would charge for the service for repairing and finishing the plaster cast of the baby bump that I made myself. For a standard plaster cast of abdomen & breasts 400 , 00 euros plus 19% VAT. calculated. For me, that's about 8 hours of work that I put into stabilizing, smoothing, sanding, priming + hanging. The design and extras (picture frames / canvas, lighting, etc.) are included not yet  included, as this is a matter of individual taste and should be discussed beforehand, as should the planned budget.

If you are determined to send / bring me your unique plaster cast of the baby bump for finishing, a Down payment per plaster cast of at least 200.00 euros plus 19% VAT. calculated (depending on the scope of the order, even more). The outstanding balance is only settled upon completion of the work or is repaid monthly in installments during the period of completion. Before that, you will receive photos of the finished work by e-mail / SMS for checking and approval.

The down payment and the amount still outstanding for the order is settled as follows:

  • - by redeeming a voucher
  • - by bank transfer in advance

Packing & Shipping

  • - If you are from Erfurt and the surrounding area, then make an appointment during the specified opening times for bringing your self-made abdominal plaster over. Plan about 1 hour for this.
  • - Is the way too far for you? Then send us your self-made plaster cast by courier! Please take the address from the imprint.

Gypsum cast baby belly send to the rescue finishing painting

This is how you proceed if you want to send it:

Pack your self-made plaster cast of the baby bump well in a large box, with e.g. cushioning foil and newspapers, enclose a letter with any photos of examples and design requests, as well as your contact details (important!). Please contact me beforehand to clarify any questions. If you have sent the plaster cast of your former baby bump, please let me know by phone or email. From experience, it is sufficient to send the plaster cast of the baby bump to our studio via DHL or Hermes. Danger! Keep the sending ID until you have received confirmation from me that your plaster cast of the baby bump has arrived! My contract courier, General Overnight, is commissioned to ensure safe return transport . 

Prices for shipping // round trip

DHL, Hermes, DPD - Parcel: approx. 10 euros (up to 500 euros insured)

Prices for shipping // return

General Overnight! national: 50.00 euros (incl. packaging)
General Overnight! international: e.g. Austria approx. 65 - 90.00 Euro (please inquire)

General Overnight! Switzerland: approx. 170.00 euros

Return via GO! Kurier - Why isn't the plaster cast of the baby bump sent back by post?

What I am repeating here are empirical values! If you send me your self-made plaster cast, then it is still in its raw state. I'll repair and refine it anyway. But if this has already happened, I always use my contract courier General Overnight. My primary concern is that the lovingly designed plaster belly work arrives safely with you! Both sides put something in the plaster cast. It is your memento of your pregnancy. Emotions and memories are tied to it. For me it's more the part that I put a lot of time, energy, thoughts and also feelings into each work. So a part of me and my lifetime always flows into it, which is why I find it difficult to see myself as a simple service provider. Because what I give is so much more! But I think that can be seen and felt in all the finished plaster casts that have been made in recent years. And maybe you would also like to send me your plaster stomach because it is right for you? Your trust is in good hands with me! In any case, it would be a shame if your plaster cast of the baby bump arrived broken, just because you saved on the return transport.

General Overnight is a fast delivery courier and has been my contractual partner for 15 years.

Secure Plaster Cast Shipping by Courier General Overnight If I call him, the package will be picked up right at the door of the studio, whether in the morning or in the evening. The package is then usually with the customer the next morning between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Each package is also insured up to 2500.00 euros! Plaster casts of the baby bump can therefore also be sent safely with a picture frame or base, which would not be possible with a standard courier. It is also possible to have the plaster cast picked up directly from your front door if you do not trust DHL & Co. to send it to you. This would be charged extra at around 20.00 euros.

Send your plaster cast to the following address:

Atelier & Manufactory Body-pArts
Julia Schulz
market street 54
D - 99084 Erfurt

Important! What I need from you to take the order if you send your impression by post:

  • Contact details (name, address, telephone number, Instagram, email
  • Design requests (sketch)
  • Extras: with picture frame / lighting / on a base?