Frame, Base & Light

"Give your memory the perfect place to be, the perfect frame to work and a perfectly balanced combination as a whole."

The frame: In the studio we offer a variety of options for the individual design of our plaster casts of babies and baby bumps. We use classic standard frames measuring 50 x 70 for the baby bump print. Our customers' favorite "color" is white, as it blends timelessly and elegantly into any environment, and any type of wallpaper pattern can be combined with it. We have the back wall cut to size so that the stability is given even for a heavy full cast plaster cast. We also integrate a hanging device on the frame, on which the finished plaster cast can be hung. Each print has an integrated hanging device on the back so that it can also be attached to the wall independently of a frame.

Complete set: 95.00 euros* plus 19% VAT I * Price does not apply to baroque frames and custom-made products

The lighting: In order to give the baby bump a further meaning, we can also offer lighting with different light sources. The most common variants are as follows:

  • lamp socket - E14, power cable I To be fixed to the wall or to the frame
  • LED - stripe with battery compartment - is fixed on the back, with switch, without cable
  • piercings - E.g. heart cutouts, small holes + LED stripe or lamp socket



The base: We can attach your baby bump plaster cast to a base. These are available just like everything else, completely individually in your desired design. However, we also have to improvise a little here, since there is no manufacturer specifically for the base of the plaster cast. Therefore, we sometimes use specially made metal bases or even lamp feet, which are misused. The goal is always that the end result is harmonious and coherent.

Price: approx. 120.00 euros plus 19% VAT.