Abdominal molding & finishing

I would like to show you in more detail how complex the processing of a plaster cast of the baby bump is in detail. From the abdominal impression until the plaster cast is smooth, stable, primed and provided with a suspension, it takes about 8 working hours in total. These cannot be counted in one piece. The entire processing is a process that takes several days, since a certain drying time must also be taken into account. This should illustrate how our prices and our fee are made up.

1. The impression of the baby bump

If you come to the studio for an impression, you will get a very clean one Baby belly plaster cast impression with bra in the Body-pArts studio in the 8th month pregnant elaborate plaster cast. I do this every day and know what to look out for. There is not much that can be repaired on this plaster cast. The form is usually more beautiful than a self-made impression, much more stable and much smoother after the impression. Plaster bandages with a good consistency are also crucial here - creamy, provided with ceramic and cuddly. These are pH-neutral, harden quickly and are also used in theater props due to their very good properties for body moulding. I have been using Artex plaster bandages from the very beginning, which are also part of all of our plaster cast sets.

expenditure of time: 20 - 30 minutes for the impression I 1 - 1.5 hours in total for the appointment with discussion and impression

2. The straightening, in shaping & stabilization

If the plaster of paris from pregnancy with too few plaster bandages Plaster cast of baby bump Shape pregnancy molded, it is often very unstable. But circulatory problems can also be a point of importance. If the plaster cast, thin as it may be, has been stored incorrectly, it can get out of shape. Skill is required here. With a lot of time, several layers of plaster bandages and other aids, the impression of the baby bump is shaped. Stabilization or a stable basic shape is the be-all and end-all for all further steps. The blank is the foundation, the basis. The edges are sketched with a pencil and the edge is cut cleanly. The edges are folded over with strips of plaster of paris, the suspension is embedded on the back and thin areas are tapped off and reinforced with additional plaster of paris as well. Dehydration follows, then the next step.

expenditure of time: about 1 - 3 hours

3. The surface smoothing & priming

In the next step, the rough plaster bandage impression is given a smooth one Surface smoothing of the baby bump plaster cast surface and thus additional stability. The most beautiful painting does not work if the surface is rough and uneven. With our surface refinement, we have been achieving a beautiful, smooth and satisfactory result for years. Every step is carried out by hand, without any electrical equipment. This is applied in several layers, smoothed out and left to dry. Then grind, fill and grind again. A process that takes place over several days. A rather unpleasant work, which is nevertheless indispensable. Only when everything is satisfactory is the surface of the plaster cast of the baby bump primed with gesso on both sides. This is important so that the impression can be painted. Otherwise, the plaster will absorb any paint or varnish.

expenditure of time: approx.: 3 - 4 hours