FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

General questions about plaster casts:

1. Why a plaster cast?

A belly cast is a very nice souvenir of pregnancy, which is something emotional and very special. Photos can never reproduce this vividly. Nine months go by so quickly that there is usually no longer any sense of how big the belly actually was. It is similar for 3D impressions of babies & children. A moment of life is preserved, which is made in 3D true to detail.

2. When would be the ideal time to make a plaster cast of the baby & baby bump?

From the baby bump: 4-5 weeks before the calculated ET is the best time to make an appointment in our studio for an impression.

From the baby: From birth. However, most of our customers come when the baby is at least 14 days young. From about 10 months, a 3D mold of hands and feet becomes a challenge, since babies are already more active at that age. Simply schedule 1-2 more (free) test attempts with us.

3. How does the impression / the appointment work?

Baby bump : You make an appointment and please allow 1 - 1.5 hours of your time. In a conversation we crystallize your wishes for your work. Form & design are discussed. Then plaster bandages are cut to size and everything is prepared for the impression, while you rub Vaseline on your stomach in the bathroom. Depending on the type of impression, abdominal shaping takes about 20-30 minutes. Only high-quality plaster bandages are used, which are covered with Artelin / ceramics, so that the plaster cast of the baby bump becomes solid relatively quickly and is ready for removal. This requires about 10 hours to dry out and harden completely.

Baby: Allow 1 hour for impression taking and design requests. The baby should be completely relaxed, if necessary breastfed/fed/nappy changed. This can also be done in our studio, for which we have armchairs and changing mats. Please do not plan a doctor's appointment for the vaccination in advance, as the baby will then have enough to do physically to process this influence. Please put on the baby a short-sleeved romper so that your hands and feet are free.

4. Which position is the most optimal during the impression?

Baby bump: The most beautiful and natural position is standing. When lying down, the breasts and baby bump slip to the side and do not look realistic. It is quite comfortable when sitting, but the breasts lie on the stomach and the stomach on the thighs. So it looks very compressed.

Baby: Hands and feet hang freely in the fly grip, a good position for the impression. Otherwise, however, we respond individually to the baby so that good imprints are made, the baby remains relaxed and a nice experience is remembered.

5. Do I have to come to the studio to take an impression of the baby bump?

Yes. In exceptional cases, we also offer our service in the Erfurt area in hospitals/birth centers after consultation with the staff there, provided that you are not able to make the appointment directly in our studio under any other circumstances. However, we prefer to make the abdominal casts directly in the Erfurt studio. You can get inspiration from other works there. The atmosphere is just completely different than at home.

6. Can labor be induced during abdominal impression taking?

I have experienced this exactly once within 11 years! Of course, it always depends on how close the impression of the baby bump is to the ET. That's why I always advise starting at least 4 - 5 weeks beforehand. Nevertheless, it has not been medically proven that the impression of the baby bump can also trigger contractions! All that matters is that you feel comfortable. What is actually more likely to occur are circulatory problems.

7. What do I do if my circulation collapses?

Please keep this in mind in advance. After all, how often in life do you take an impression of your stomach and can you therefore assess how your own body will react? Take some nuts, fruit and water with you to the impression... You need sugar to keep the cycle going. This is because standing up during abdominal molding can cause your veins/arteries to relax and all the blood to sink into your legs. You will literally see asterisks. This happens more often than you think, which is why we always ask about your well-being during the impression and work quickly. If all else fails, the only thing that helps is to remove the raw plaster cast early, lie down and put your feet up.

8. Is the material skin-friendly?

Baby bump: Absolutely. The Artex plaster bandages used are pH-neutral, are mainly used in theater props, are light, harden quickly thanks to the Artelin ceramic plaster they contain and form a very detailed surface on the inside.

Baby: For the 3D impression of baby's hands and feet, we use the impression material alginate, which is used in the dental field for dental impressions. These are then cast with a high-quality ceramic plaster for dental impressions in order to obtain a positive mold. The alginate is a natural product and completely harmless to humans and animals. Alginate is a secretion of the brown algae and is then disposed of in the organic waste bin after demoulding.

9. Can the 3D impression made of alginate be poured several times?

Unfortunately, no. The resulting 3D hand or footprint is unique and therefore unique. The yellow molding compound has to be peeled off like an orange to get to the 3D impression. However, we offer a duplication service. Here, a permanent rubber mold is created from the original 3D impression of the child with kneading silicone, which can be poured out again and again with ceramic plaster, so that you can give 10x a picture frame with a photo and 3D footprint to family members for a nice occasion (e.g. baptism or Christmas). can. For prices, please see "Prices".

10. How long does it take to process the blank?

Baby bump: It takes about 6 - 8 hours from taking the impression to strengthening, smoothing, grinding and priming.

The design: approx. 3 - 7 hours

Baby : From the mold to the pouring & finishing, it takes about 3 hours.

The painting: approx. 1 hour

In a frame or on a base: approx. 1 - 2 hours

11. Does each abdominal cast automatically have a bracket to hang it up?

For us, the embedding of a stable suspension is a matter of course for the refinement and revision of an abdominal cast. Thus, only one ring screw should be integrated on the wall at home, so that the abdominal cast can be easily hung on it. The plaster cast can also be hung independently of a picture frame.

12. Who decides how the abdominal cast is designed?

Herself! You alone give me the color templates based on your ideas and wishes. It is best to think about where you want to hang or place the plaster cast at home. Which colors influence your environment? Do you like it rather simple & elegant? Should it be a children's motif? Anyway... Take a look at our galleries and get inspiration for your own work. We then go into the details together at the personal appointment and everything is then noted directly in the order book. This also applies to the self-made plaster casts. If you want to send it to us, please enclose a letter with your contact details, design wishes and desired extras (lamp, frame, base...etc.).

13. Can I also send/bring a self-made plaster cast?

Definitely! The plaster bellies that arise from a mold in our studio are much better for us for further processing and refinement, but we are just as happy to refine self-made plaster casts that we made at home. However, we may have to charge a surcharge here, since the plaster casts of the baby bump that we made ourselves were usually not processed properly. This can be due to the plaster bandages used (there are big differences), incorrect positioning of the plaster cast, age, posture when taking the impression, imprecise processing of the plaster bandages when taking the impression... We have processed and designed over 1000 plaster bellies. Therefore, we can say from experience that the self-made abdominal casts are much more time-consuming for us. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, you can have the baby bump molded directly in our studio. The absolute advantage is that the plaster of paris form is professionally made, the difference to self-made ones is immediately recognizable. We know our trade!

14. Can a lamp be made from the impression?

This is possible using a lamp socket and, if necessary, small holes in the impression, which provide indirect lighting. Here we offer the lighting with a lamp socket for the wall, which is operated by cable and socket. Or also in an LED version with a battery compartment, which is embedded in the interior of the plaster cast of the baby bump. The advantage here is that no cable looks out below.

15. Can plaster bellies be hung in a frame/canvas?

That is absolutely no problem! On request, we will be happy to produce a color-coordinated picture frame as an extra for your work of art. The frames measure 50 x 70 and have a stable back wall which is covered with the wallpaper of your choice. For this we have many designs to choose from in our studio and can be coordinated with us directly at the appointment. If you don't like our frames, we'll be happy to get a frame of your choice. Our goal is always that you are satisfied!

16. When is the plaster cast paid for?

We take 100-200.00 euros incl. 19% VAT when accepting an order. Down payment. The rest will only be paid after completion. This can be done by cash, EC or bank transfer.

17. What is the actual impression made of? From the negative or the positive?

For 90% of the orders, the negative is processed by us. This means that the outer plaster bandage layer is elaborately coated and smoothed with a surface finish. The advantage of this method is that it is quite easy to hang up and if you don't like it that intimate, you can be sure that the nipples are not visible in detail.

In the case of a positive impression, the negative is taken and poured out/streaked out from the inside. This would then be the 1:1 impression of your baby bump and very detailed. Nipples and navel are exactly recognizable. The cast would no longer be quite as easy due to the pouring out with approx. 12-18 kg and requires a special suspension on the wall.

18. Do I have the right to have the plaster cast completed immediately and to be given priority?

no We work by order book and order. The current processing time for abdominal casts is 8 months and 3D casts 4 - 12 weeks until completion, due to the high demand and order situation. If you would like an express processing of an abdominal cast because there is a special occasion, we can do this for an additional EUR 290.00 incl. 19% VAT. realize.

Occasions could be: eg Christmas or birthdays. Then please speak to me about it.

19. Do you also make intimate molds or impressions of other parts of the body than pregnant women and babies?

I think everyone should have their principles. For this reason, I have specialized exclusively in the curves of pregnant women and 3D casts from babies to family hands. As an exception, a butt mold of a lady is certainly an exception. If you wish, we can also provide a paw print from your favorite dog.

20. What is the price for an abdominal cast with design?

The price is a kind of energy balance, our fee for our time commitment to make your very personal souvenir. Since we make everything by hand and individually according to customer requirements, we divide the prices into the following categories for abdominal casts: finishing, design & extras. The exact costs that you can incur can be found under "Prices".

21. Where can the studio be found?

See imprint. My customers come from all over Germany (Stuttgart, Mainz, Munich, Magdeburg, Dresden, Bremen, Rostock, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Hanover, Hamburg, Erfurt etc...) for an impression of the baby bump. But many also send me their plaster casts by post to be revised and prettied up. In the meantime, however, we have also received abdominal impressions from Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria!

22. We are expecting a Star Child. In that case, would you also make 3D impressions for us?

We have already had some experiences with this, even if the occasion is a very sad one. As a rule, the undertaker informs us, whereupon we drive directly to the undertaker with our utensils after making an appointment. Even if there is a strange feeling here, it is a humble moment for us, where our own fears have no place. The remembrance of the newborn(s) based on 3D impressions for the parents and family takes on an even deeper and healing meaning and has top priority. We are very emphatic and, as artists and mothers, empathize and are mentally prepared. It is our heart's desire to create the most beautiful memento for the bereaved!

23. How is my personal data / image material handled?

All personal information is treated with care. Images sent for price inquiries will be permanently deleted. Private data (address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, etc.) are used exclusively for processing the mutually accepted order. Photos with content of pregnant women, children and finished plaster casts from the Atelier & Manufaktur Body-pArts, Julia Schulze, are published under free choice. Unless it is completely contradicted. This must be done in writing.