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Art & Spirituality - What I see in my work

My creative potential was actually already expressed during my school days. But as my family said so beautifully: " Learn something clever, you can't make a living from art ".

However, during my own first Julia Schulze with daughter Emily and her first stomach plaster from 2006 pregnancy in 2006, I was given a break from everyday life in the form of my first daughter Emily and the parental leave that went with it. I hadn't swung a brush for a long time, which I really missed. I am still very grateful today for the fateful turn in my life that my professional career took. One of my special gifts, as I call it, is my 3-dimensional imagination, coupled with a good dose of empathy. Highly sensitive - you can also call it that. As long as I'm standing at a work, I feel into it and I'm in the flow. Each work is a highly energetic mixture of the specifications of my customer (belly + design ideas) and the execution by me as an artist.

After an inspiration comes the implementation. This is also called manifestation. When a thought becomes reality, it is like giving birth. So we create a body cast, a moment of life that is preserved by it. Then the ingredients follow: Life time, energy, love for details and a vision - the finished work! Do you realize how valuable all of this is? How incredibly unique? A plaster cast of the baby bump designed by an artist with a light-filled aura is a pure expression of love and energy. That sounds cheesy, I know. But this is my realization, my daily being and years of working in this matter and subject, what fascinates me so much about it.

Each design is discussed personally in the studio, by email or by phone. In order to define your own taste for the desired design more precisely, you could ask yourself the following questions in advance:
  • - Should my plaster cast of the baby bump be hung on the wall?
  • - Should my impression be on a base or on a picture frame?
  • - Do I prefer it simple, romantic or playful?
  • - What colors decorate my home environment?
  • - Do you have favorite motifs? E.g. flower elements, symbols.. etc.
  • - Favorite colors? 3 colors can always be combined harmoniously. Eg: white, gray + pink / mint / blue / red / green etc.
  • - Should borders, bows and / or satin roses be added for decoration?

Plaster cast of the baby bump design and paint in Julia Schulze's studio

Julia Schulz