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"Save the moment with detailed 3D impressions from birth!"

Pregnancy is a very special chapter in a woman's life, however Baby 3D footprint with alginate in Erfurt, Thuringia with Julia Schulze also in the relationship between two people. Yet after the birth of little babies, another chapter begins. A new life begins and triggers emotions and feelings that you can hardly put into words but feel in your heart. It is a very special need for me to capture these emotions vividly for you as a memory. Our babies are growing so fast! Barely a week goes by before they look different again. Preserve one of these young moments and let me immortalize the little hands and feet of your offspring in great detail for eternity.

"These are pure emotions that are captured in plastic form - simply more than just plaster!"
You can use the time after the birth for a hand and footprint. Problem-free, stress-free and so beautiful! Many parents wish for a lasting memory of the wonderful life that grew in the mother's womb and finally saw the light of day after long months as a pretty baby. The solution is as simple as it is ingenious: A small footprint or a small handprint as a miniature sculpture that is true to the original - best and particularly original in combination. The handprint is presented together with the footprint in a beautifully designed frame or mounted as a sculpture on a plate or pedestal for an all-round view. The design options are also very individual here. You can present the small imprints on a pedestal or in a beautiful frame. You simply give me your ideas (colors and various wishes) in a conversation and I will then stage the whole thing for you.

Emotions vividly staged: original footprint of your baby

Your baby's very first footprint marks the first small step into the big world. Footprint kits are also commercially available. This is definitely a nice idea and recommended as a magical reminder of the first moments of the new little one. With me, however, you get more than just a simple footprint on plasterboard. I will create real works of art and true-to-original molds of your baby's feet. A three-dimensional footprint is made with the skin-friendly, elastic impression material alginate, which is also used in dentistry. This footprint is filled with special plaster, so that a true-to-the-original sculpture is created, which I lovingly design and paint. A handprint of your baby for a hand sculpt is made using the same molding technique. You can see some examples of successful baby handprint and footprint artworks in mine Admire the gallery or social media accounts .

Object frame in white/light blue with 2 baby impressions of the baby's hand and foot with engraved name tag and paper flowers as a beautiful decorative object and emotional souvenir for the birth and pregnancy. Made by Julia Schulze, Atelier Body-pArts, Erfurt

Wonderful miniature sculptures: handprint and footprint in combination

Footprints and handprints are easier to make on a newborn baby than on a crawling toddler. In the first few weeks of life, a baby sleeps a lot and is not disturbed by anything while sleeping. The little hand is not moved during the baby handprint, so that a perfect handprint is created. A footprint of baby's foot is even easier. The impression material hardens in a very short time, it is not necessary to sit or remain still for a long time, as is the case with baby bump impressions. At the latest when you see the finished handprint and the magical footprint of your baby's tiny limbs, your eyes will be wet with emotion. This also works for grandparents: a handprint or footprint (or both together) is a unique, individual gift for close relatives. The impression can usually only be poured once.

Of course you can also make 3D hand and footprints yourself and then bring/send them to me and I will create something personal and beautiful for you, as you can see in the pictures!

When can you make this kind of imprints?:

Imprints can be taken immediately after birth. The molding compound alginate (a secretion from brown algae) is absolutely harmless to health. It originally comes from the dental field and is Ph-neutral. Alginate is physiologically harmless as an impression material and allows impressions to be taken with acceptable accuracy and detail. The setting time can be varied with the water temperature when mixing. So a maximum of 30 sec. required, provided that the little hand is in the mass, until it has become firm like rubber.

A notice: Babies between the ages of 0-10 months are great at taking impressions, as they sleep a lot and hardly notice anything about the whole procedure. From about 4 months up to the age of 1, it becomes more difficult to get a flawless impression as the child becomes more lively and active. Minor rework is then usually necessary.

How is an impression taken with a baby/child

Julia with baby for 3D impressions of hands and feet

  • You make an appointment via contact form or call me
  • Please plan about 1 hour for the impression with your child so that there is no pressure and you can discuss all your wishes in peace.
  • Please pay attention to the cloakroom for the appointment. Your child does not have to be "Sunday fit" for this.
  • The impression can be taken after birth. The younger you are, the better the results.
  • Think in advance how you want the 3D impressions to be presented. Individually, in a frame or on a pedestal? We will discuss everything else on site in the studio, where I also have a few exhibits and can inspire with many possibilities.

What else can be shaped?

Siblings' hands, baby's buttocks, hands of married couples, friends, grandparents, dogs etc. can be moulded... Again, your wishes will be individually addressed.

Life goes on: Valuable handprints of small and large hands

You now have a beautiful foot and hand print from your baby as an artistic keepsake. Your sweet baby has grown into a cheeky, lively toddler. Would you like a comparison? Of course, you can make a handprint or footprint of your darling every year and decorate a whole room wall with small works of art. But for a real comparison, I recommend repeating the next footprint and handprint about a year before starting school. A third print is made when your child has finished primary school, i.e. approximately every five years. On their 18th birthday, your offspring can decide for themselves whether they want another footprint or handprint. Your baby has grown into an adult. The handprints of adult couples are particularly beautiful as a sign of love and belonging. Look into mine gallery and let yourself be enchanted!

favorite person Parents' hands in 3D with plaster baby footprints

How much does a baby 3D hand or foot impression cost?

3D impressions start at EUR 55 plus VAT.