About me

"This company exists because it chose me. It recognized my talent well before I did. So no matter what distractions made me doubt and stumble, as long as I accepted that realization.. life took over and I could become it what I came for. What a journey to myself. To be continued...!"

Who is actually behind the studio?

That's me: Julia Schulze (born '82), artist and founder of Atelier & Julia Schulze_Gipsabdruck_Babybauch_Baby_3D_Impression Manufactory Body-pArts, specializing in plaster casts of baby bumps and 3D baby casts. I am originally from the federal state of Brandenburg, am a mother of two daughters and have been living with you and our 4 cats in the beautiful cathedral city of Erfurt, Thuringia, since 2013.

I am a trained retail clerk who originally wanted to study graphic design. After my first pregnancy in 2006, I found the time and courage to realize my heart's desires and visions. Today I give life time, positive energy and my heart to my studio.


After more than 15 years, I was able to make a major contribution to the development of a new professional group. Over 120 women from all over Europe and other parts of the world, trained in the base of plaster casts; worked up and designed over 1000 plaster casts of baby bumps and baby prints, more than 10 employees and freelancers who accompanied me on my way, voluntary mentor for start-ups, set up 3 online shops, 2 shops (Potsdam & Erfurt), led creative workshops for parents & babies, developed and marketed more than 10 of my own products, took part in several trade fairs, PR and TV appearances and deepened my skills in photography, graphic design and social media and built up an extensive network.

My entrepreneurial milestones

2007 : Founding of Atelier & Manufaktur Body-pArts for the creation and design of baby belly plaster casts in Ludwigsfelde, Teltow Fläming.

2008 : More and more pregnant women who live too far away to come to the studio are asking for tips and materials to make their own. Due to the demand, Body-pArts is now offering plaster cast sets for the home in a first small web shop.

2010 : The demand for the design of baby belly plaster casts keeps increasing, a dream comes true: start full-time with your first own studio in Potsdam Babelsberg!

2012 : Separation of the web shop from the website. Since not only the artistic design of the plaster casts continues to grow, but also the demand in the web shop, the shop now has a life of its own in order to be able to make even more and better offers for you!

2013 : Relocation of studio and warehouse to Erfurt, Thuringia. The first freelancers started supporting me regularly in many areas.

2014 : New design for the Mommy & Baby web shop: The shop is now compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and has a new look. And on we go, off to new shores!

2017: After the roof studio became too small, a store with a studio on 110 square meters was opened in March in the city center at Dom, Fischersand 39, 99084 Erfurt. Followed by some permanent and temporary employees.

2018: On the one hand, we are a specialist shop for products for the production, refinement and design of plaster casts of babies and baby bumps, but we are also a studio where you can look over our shoulder while we work. Furthermore, we send our products and self-developed impression sets worldwide via our own online shop, Amazon and Etsy.

2019: My vision has come true. I have achieved everything I wished for in the area of ​​plaster casts. In October 2019 I gave the key to the large store in Erfurt back to the landlord, let all the employees go their own way (saying goodbye with a heavy heart) and remembered my roots. A small warehouse was rented for the online shop and shipping. The creative part of the molding of the plaster cast of the baby's belly and decorative design, as well as 3D impressions of babies' hands and feet, will again take place in the roof studio near the fish market, as at the beginning.

2019/2020: Back in the Erfurt roof studio at Marktstraße 54, I work and work alone again from now on. Enriched with an incredible amount of experience, development and personal success... I continue to follow my artistic destiny on my own.

2022: Sale of the online shop & concept - www.mommyandbaby.de

Why does Mommy & Baby specialize in artist plaster cast finishing products?

This was one of my heart projects, the studio and the web shop belonged together. The web shop only came about as a result of my artistic work with plaster casts in the studio and the demand for ways to make baby bump casts in other places. With more than 2000 baby bump impressions that I have designed and refined, I have been able to develop a lot of specialist knowledge about techniques and materials. And only products that I have used myself and that I am absolutely convinced of should find a place in my shop! It fulfilled me to give people the opportunity to discover their creativity at home and to design their own plaster casts and to give them the right products and sets to do so. My core pieces in the online shop were of course my self-developed impression sets for the baby bump and for creating 3D impressions of babies, belly bands for plaster casts & baby bumps, which I designed myself.

Julia Schulz